You’re on our minds.


February 2021


You’re on our minds.

Brief message from Simon Broad, VP of FRSTeam.

Goosebumps matter.

If you work with us, you know we love goosebumps. Not the kind of goosebumps that means the heat’s out, but the goosebumps you get from a heartfelt gesture.

When we see something that has sentimental value, we pay close attention. Whether it’s the first baptismal dress, grandmother’s quilt, or a jersey of their favorite athlete, we take extra care. A scratchy old blanket becomes a VIP item: it’s the last thing on our truck when packing out, and the first thing off the truck at the time of final delivery.

We make sure the homeowner knows we understand the value of their sentimental item. When you treat these special items with reverence and bring them back in a way that’s unexpected and heartfelt, you make a real connection, goosebumps and all.

These goosebump moments mean a lot to the homeowner, but they may mean even more to us. Our teams thrive on meaningful work. It’s more than restoration: everyday we get a chance to make a difference in someone’s life.

Shout out to everyone one the FRSTeam who thrives on meaningful work. Check out some of our success stories to see more details, or just browse the story below.

“My family went through a rough time when our new home caught fire. FRSTeam did a great job of cleaning all of our items and delivering them. As if that weren’t already enough, they went the extra mile and framed my husband’s signed Elway jersey for him. This is something he has been meaning to do for years, but hasn’t gotten around to it. Thank you FRSTeam for taking such great care of our items and my family!”

Alethea K.

Did you know? Back in 2012, FRSTeam was highlighted in a book on the Apple Experience by Carmine Gallo. Check out page 153. The Apple Experience: Secrets to Building Insanely Great Customer Loyalty.

As always, please reach out with any questions or stories you’d like to share.

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