Continuing Education

Are you an adjuster in need of continuing education (CE) credits or just looking for training opportunities related to contents? Look no further than FRSTeam’s CE Course offerings. Our certified and knowledgeable trainers provide 1-hour virtual or in-person opportunities to educate you regarding the below topics. For additional information including our CE course schedule, please reach out to us at

CE Course Offerings

*All courses below are approved for the following states: NC, FL, TX, OK, DE, GA, NH, IN, AL, MS, KY, WY, and NV.

*The Firearms Restoration course is ONLY certified for the state of TX.

Course Offerings

If your insured put you on the spot and asked you if their clothing was restorable, would you know what to say? What are you supposed to say if they think their clothing still smells like smoke after it’s been delivered?

If insulation gets on clothing, is it restorable? Is surface mold cleanable?

Want to understand more about the different levels of hoarding that you may encounter on your claims and how to close that claim quicker?

What is the proper way to handle damaged electronics? Are Electronics even worth cleaning? If they get wet, aren’t they ruined? What about lightning, smoke, or damage from other perils? Do I need to call in a technician or a restoration company? In this class, you will learn answers to all of the questions above and will walk away with a much better understanding of how to properly address damaged electronics with an approved process that leads to better cost containment and a higher level of policyholder satisfaction.

Would you like to be able to quickly scan a textile invoice and know for sure whether you should pay it, or send it out for a second opinion? Ever get confused trying to figure out what a fancy charge means vs. a deco charge? And what about that Full-service line item; what all does that include anyway?

65% of all designer handbags are counterfeit, learn how to tell the difference. Most homes contain area rugs, learn what flipping a rug over will tell you about the rug's value and condition.

Combo training – Ever wonder which textiles and electronics should be restored and which ones shouldn't? Are you confident your decision is in the best interest of your policyholder and the company? It can be perplexing at times, but it doesn't have to be.

Fraud in America is estimated to be around $80 to $110 billion annually. The FBI estimates that insurance fraud costs citizens $400-$700 per year in increased premiums. Learn how to identify and uncover fraud on your claims.

If your insured has firearms, what can you or should you do to help them? Know what is expected when restoration, storage, repair, or replacement is needed. (This class is only approved for CE credit in the State of Texas.)

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