When you experience smoke or water damage, it’s a life-changing event

From first call to final delivery, we’re committed to making the fabric and electronics restoration process as easy as possible. Here’s how we get you back on track as fast as possible:

Insurance Restoration Coordination

We coordinate with your insurance company

Textile, Fabric, and Electronics Restoration

We pack out affected items, from electronics to clothes and bedding

Emergency Restoration

You get an emergency order within 24-48 hours and computers within 3 days


Your cleaned items are stored until you’re ready

You Can Count On:

Immediate Relief

Whether it’s a suit for Monday’s meeting, a soccer uniform or your favorite flannel sheets, we start with an Emergency Order so you have your family’s most important items cleaned and delivered within 24-48 hours. Expect your personal computers and most important electronics restored within 3 days.

Peace of Mind

Keeping you informed helps you feel in control. Whether your first question is “When am I going to see my things again?” or “What’s happening next?” you’ll be fully informed at every stage. From sharing timelines to periodic check-ins, we keep you in the loop.


One call takes care of it all. We coordinate with your insurance company and pack out your affected items. Your electronics and textiles (clothes, curtains, rugs and more) will be removed, thoroughly cleaned and securely stored until you’re ready for delivery.

Trusted by families across the country

FRSTeam specializes in making fabric and electronics restoration as easy as possible.

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FRSTeam services 48 states in the US and the province of Ontario, Canada.