You Asked, We Answered! Expanded Services Q&A



November 2021


You Asked, We Answered! Expanded Services Q&A



When we started back in 1988, we had a different name and fewer services. But over the past 30 years, we’ve stayed committed to our same concept: doing what clients and partners need and helping families get through the restoration process as easily as possible.

As we grow, we still keep that ease and customization in mind. In case you have any questions about what that means for you as a partner or client, we’ve put together a quick Q&A.


Why did you expand into hard contents?

We’re made up of multiple, non-competing locations throughout the country, and each one knows what the local area’s needs are. This translates into finding more ways to help, expanding beyond textiles into electronics and hard contents. Our passion is to be a great resource for our clients’ needs across the country and to be able to assist and serve.

Do I have to use you for all restoration services? Are you now a competitor for services I do in-house? I already have another vendor I like to use (hard contents or rugs, etc.)

Just use us for what you need! FRSTeam has always been ready to serve the individual needs of each client. Only need draperies? Done. Just Electronics? Done and done. We’re a support service so the idea is we’re here for you, whatever you need. We can just do one rug or the entire house, either way you’ll get the same high level of service and seamless communication.

Do all FRSTeam locations now do hard-contents?

Not today, but we are working toward full national coverage in the future as more FRSTeam operators position themselves to take on this new challenge. When FRSTeam locations see an unmet need in their community, they often consider expanding their service offerings. We’re able to provide owners with the training and expertise needed to expand into hard-contents because The Contents Specialists joined us in 2021.

Anything else?

We just want to say: don’t be afraid of change. Embrace it, especially when it’s the type of change that helps the families we serve. At the end of the day that’s what we’re about: doing what it takes to make the restoration process (and life) go a bit easier.


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