What Happens When It Rains On Millions Of Dollars Of Sensitive Equipment?



October 2020

What happens when it rains on millions of dollars of sensitive equipment?

Peek Behind the Scenes of a Recent Large Loss Claim

In August, a storm with 100+ mph winds blew the roof and back wall off a building that held millions of dollars in audio and video production equipment. Once the derecho storm passed, Wired Production Group in Cedar Rapids, IA, realized that over $4 million of sensitive equipment had been exposed to the elements. Could it be saved before mold kicked in? They needed help, fast.

Watch as the Midwest Derecho storm ripped the roof off.

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Wired Production Group called FRSTeam and we immediately sent our catastrophe response team. Our Electronics experts, Wayne and Cory, immediately headed to Cedar Rapids pulling our response team trailer of on-site cleaning supplies, such as a containment tent, air scrubber, vacuum, testing equipment, etc.

Our goal: get their office back up and running as soon as possible.

We started with a walk-through with the owner. He pointed out which items were priority and which items could be handled off site.

Documenting damage is critical. More and more insurance companies use drones for virtual adjusting. During a pandemic, it’s the safe and effective thing to do. Read about using drones in the field.


How FRSTeam Helped Wired Production Get Their Company Back on Track

We set up cleaning stations on-site. Two teams assessed, tested and inventoried the emergency equipment.

When we found emergency equipment that was cost effective to restore, we did so on-site. We brought in an audio engineer to test the equipment to its fullest extent. All non-emergency equipment was transported to a FRSTeam facility to be restored, if viable.

How do we know what to restore, and what to reject? We use a formula that maintains cost efficiency. If it costs more to restore than to replace, that’s not good for the customer and we won’t do it.

So how much did FRSTeam’s restoration services save Wired Production?

  • Value Of ELE, Textiles and TLI: $1,664,412
  • Restoration: $216,573
  • Thanks to restoration, Wired Production saved: $1,447,838


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