Welcome Your Newest Franchisee


July 2023

Welcome Your Newest Franchisee

Company News

We’re excited to welcome another amazing franchisee to the FRSTeam family. FRSTeam by Disaster Kleenup Specialists serves communities around Monterey, CA. Owners Theresa Ream and Terry Ream run several multi-million dollar companies, covering everything from restoration construction and water mitigation to design and flooring.

By joining FRSTeam, they are adding electronics and soft contents and making it that much easier for people to simplify the process of recovering from any disaster.

Welcome, Theresa and Terry! We’re excited to have you join us.

New Franchise Spotlight

Owners: Theresa & Terry Ream
Area: Monterey, California
Name: FRSTeam by Disaster Kleenup Specialists

Holly with FRSTeam award

“My husband and I started Disaster Kleenup Specialists 42 years ago. In 1981 we were just two kids with big dreams; now we’ve got 70 employees, and we're growing rapidly because of FRSTeam.

I remember when I was about 14 years old; there was a restoration contractor in our small town, and he was the hero in our community. You’d see him after a disaster. He was on the front porch, and he'd be holding the lady's hand and telling her everything was gonna be ok. And then he’d rebuild the home, and it made everyone feel safe and happy.

I want us to be that hero to our community.

Our team is very well trained from the heart. We hire people for their heart as much as for their skills. You can train for skills, but caring comes first.

Our Mission statement is “grow the individual, build the family, inspire the community and enrich the world.” Helping other people is big for me because something magical happens when you grow the individual. It makes a difference.

We are very excited about joining FRSTeam and the area that we're servicing. This is a new territory for us, and I'm excited about hiring employees in that area.”

Celebrating 1 Year of FRSTeam of East Kansas & West Missouri

July 1st marks an exciting year of growth for this FRSTeam of East Kansas & West Missouri. They quintupled their staff, tripled their square footage, and are on track to surpass their sales goals.

Speaking of metrics, they’ve also reported going from zero to gray in the beard to SIGNIFICANT gray in the beard. We hope you recognize the silver streak for what it is: a well deserved badge of honor. Congratulations!

Questions? Whether you’re an owner, an employee, or an adjuster, just reach out. We’re here to help.

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