Taking FRSTeam Franchise System To New Heights



July 2020

Taking FRSTeam Franchise System to New Heights

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news: FRSTeam officially joined Lynx Franchising, an award-winning, multi-brand franchise platform with a complementary collection of B2B essential services.

Lynx supports and grows high quality B2B franchise systems. Ranked as the #1 start-up opportunity in the franchising industry, Lynx provides support to franchises through lead generation, technology, and corporate infrastructure support services.

Hear more of how we are committed to keeping our core values top of mind as we embark on this exciting journey with Lynx.

Holly with FRSTeam, Happy 4th of July video

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What This Means for You:

You’ll be working with an even stronger FRSTeam.

FRSTeam will be building on our legacy of high quality service and doing what’s right. Our management team will be working with Lynx to expand opportunities and help more small business owners and entrepreneurs operate and grow their restoration businesses.

Over the years, the FRSTeam franchise system expanded nationwide with over 40 franchise territories and 8 company operated locations. Now, joining Lynx we expand this legacy even further.

By leveraging our combined expertise, our goal is to see more FRSTeam locations across the nation, and more quality business owners committed to helping people recover from disaster.

“A legacy is not leaving something for people, it’s leaving something in people” – Peter Strople


Need guidance in getting your life back to normal? We’re here to help.

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