Summer Celebrations and Fire Safety



Summer’s here, and so are the fireworks, barbecues, and backyard celebrations. As you enjoy this special time of year with friends and family, keep safety in mind while you play. Let’s dive into some helpful tips so your summer celebrations are memorable for all the right reasons.


Summer Barbeques: Stay Tasty

Why does everything taste better when cooked over an open flame? We all love outdoor grilling, but remember to keep fire safety in mind. Follow these tips to make every barbeque a fun and safe experience:

  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby and know how to use it
  • Check propane tanks for leaks before use
  • Never leave the grill unattended while in use
  • Maintain a safe distance between the grill and any flammable materials
  • Clean the grill regularly to prevent grease buildup
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your specific grill model

Restoring Hard and Soft Contents

At FRSTeam, we understand that accidents can happen, especially during busy summer celebrations. We’re here to help with a wide range of hard and soft contents restoration services, including:

  • Tablecloths and linens
  • Upholstery and draperies
  • Electronics and appliances
  • Artwork and collectibles

4th of July Safety Tips

The 4th of July is a time for celebration, but it’s essential to prioritize safety during this festive holiday. Keep these tips in mind as you enjoy the festivities:

  • Keep fireworks away from children and pets
  • Only use fireworks outdoors and away from flammable materials
  • Always have a bucket of water or a hose nearby in case of fire
  • Never attempt to relight a “dud” firework
  • If alcohol will be consumed, designate a sober driver or arrange for alternative transportation


Invest in Your Future: Continuing Education

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