Strange Tips for a Safe Holiday

This year was one for the books, but, like you, we rose to the challenge. Thank you for being part of the FRSTeam family

December 2020

Strange Tips for a Safe Holiday

This year was one for the books, but, like you, we rose to the challenge. Thank you for being part of the FRSTeam family; you’re one of the many blessings we count.

As you head into the holiday season and winter months, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to keep your family and home safe.

All about Fire: 4 tips to keep your home safe during the holiday season

  1. Hear some ruckus past midnight near your chimney? It’s probably just Santa, but maybe you should check it out anyway. You’ll celebrate #NationalFlashlightDay on the 21st, so you have peace of mind that your flashlights work. While you’re up, help yourself to some of those oatmeal cookies.
  2. Every family has a favorite meal they only eat over the holidays. Usually it’s something so indulgent and fatty and rich you can only get away with it once a year. But when you’re making Great Nana’s famous deep fried “scheØnkensnägelgorÑkkis,” please stay with the deep fryer the entire time. It only takes a second for boiling oil to create the type of memories we’d rather skip.
  3. If Jack Frost is nipping at your toes, put on thicker socks. If you still need to turn up the heat, avoid portable space heaters, especially overnight. This type of heating equipment is the second leading cause of home fire deaths.
  4. In the days of crowded shopping malls (remember those??) at some point we’d complain about having to hear the same holiday songs over and over. This year, you get to be the DJ of your own soundtrack, but we need to ask you to push play on one very annoying sound. Push the “test” button on your smoke alarm. If you hear a “chirp,” change the batteries immediately. Most smoke alarm failures happen from missing or dead batteries.

Enough about fire. Now on to water.

  1. Before you start looking for the Elf on a Shelf, take a minute to find your main water shutoff. Being able to turn off the water right away in case of a plumbing emergence can help you minimize water damage.
  2. Yes, your little ones look so cute with their holiday sweaters covered in sticky candy canes and chocolate stains. But before you toss yet another load in the washer, take a quick look at the hoses connected to your washing machine. Replace brittle hoses before they leak and you’ll avoid a mighty mess.
  3. Stringing up lights adds a cheerful, festive flair to your entire neighborhood. While you're up there on the ladder (with someone spotting you down below, of course) take a minute to clear any blockage from your gutters. Unmanaged overflow may damage your foundation. When you get back down, admire the lights, then make sure the downspouts point away from your home.
  4. After spending in December comes a sobering credit card bill in January. Another bill you need to pay attention to is your water bill. Sometimes, the only way you know that water is leaking is with an unexplained jump in your water bill. If you see something weird from one month to the next, put on your detective hat and check it out.

Please follow these tips and keep your family safe as you celebrate. The entire FRSTeam family sends you warm wishes for a joyful holiday.

Stay positive, enjoy your blessings, and know that next year will be better.

We'd love to hear your holiday stories!

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