Regional Recap & Preventing Occupational Burnout



November 2020


Note from Holly Murry, FRSTeam President

2020 has been an incredibly challenging year – the pandemic, a heated election, national social unrest – in addition, our brand went through a sale and a change of leadership. Amidst these challenges, I have been reflecting on why we do what we do.

The opportunity to help others is what drew me to FRSTeam 25 years ago. It is critical for us, as we deal with change, to find ways to focus on the positive. For me, that is the opportunity to help homeowners and to share the “goosebump moments,” times when our work made a difference in helping people restore their lives.

How do we adapt to the constant changes in our industry? We stay focused on why we entered this industry in the first place and jump into the change. Let us continue to support each other, along with our customers and communities.

Holly Murry, President


P.S. 2020 truly is a whole new world. This year we held our Regionals virtually. In upcoming newsletters, we’ll be sharing some of the highlights, starting with encouraging the self-care that prevents occupational burnout.


Message from Holly Murry

Watch Video


Prevent Occupational Burnout

Led by Katrina Starokozhko

What is Burnout?

  • Burnout is the accumulation of stress – chronic stress which has not been managed and is prevalent in all occupations and industries
  • Burnout negatively affects numerous functions of the body; some effects may be irreversible
  • We cannot control facing stressful situations; however we can take steps to become more resilient

How can you manage or prevent burnout?

  • Get enough sleep – sleep deprivation is a primary cause of Burnout
  • Eat a nutrient rich diet – dark colored vegetables and leafy greens increase the production of serotonin and make us happy
  • Exercise – it reduces emotional exhaustion and increases sense of well-being
  • Take a Vacation – a break from accumulating work- related stress
  • Take time to enjoy your hobbies – disrupts work- related rumination
  • Get a Pet


We hope these tips and tricks help you. As the holiday season approaches, remember to take time for yourself and your loved ones. Stay tuned for more highlights from our Regionals.


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