Lessons Learned From A 30 Year Legacy



September 2020

Lessons Learned

If you’ve worked with us at all in the last 30+ years, you’ve felt the impact of Jim and Courtney. They created a business that cares deeply about customers and workers alike. They taught us of the honor and responsibility of our work: helping get through the worst day of their lives and back to normal. They also helped us grow both coast to coast and internationally, all while keeping this strong ethic alive in all of our locations.

We all wish Jim and Courtney a well-earned adventure and much joy in this next phase of their lives. You’ve left an amazing mark. Even better, you’ve left behind the invaluable processes that let us continue your legacy.

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“As an owner, I have found over the years that the more I put into the business, the more we got out (results, pride, growth, satisfaction and fulfillment). That is not to say that you always need to work longer, harder or more. But you do need to be intentional in your focus and know how you will evaluate your success.” – Jim


How FRSTeam Created a Company-Wide Culture

It did not happen overnight. This took dedicated and consistent management, course correction when needed, and champions driving this message and results every day. Here are some takeaways:

On creating growth: Commit to a “yes” culture. Train everyone to make “yes” the go-to response. Can you pick the job up now? “Yes.” Can you have this job ready by Wednesday? “Yes.” This “yes” philosophy forced us to be customer-centric and get back to our entrepreneurial roots. We needed to be there when they needed us, doing what they needed us to do.

On growing leaders from within: Keep company growth top of mind and make sure you have a pipeline of new leaders who can respond to a growing company.

When hiring, look for character, work ethic, and cultural fit over skill set and experience. For existing hires, train most employees in ALL departments and evaluate for future growth potential.

On adapting to change while keeping your culture intact: There have been more changes in the restoration industry in the last five years than there were in the previous twenty-five years. The insurance industry is changing, and so are the needs of our client base. You have to anticipate changing needs, and be ready to pivot as necessary.

But it’s easier to adapt to change if your company culture is founded on principles like positivity, opportunity for all, inclusivity, and heartfelt customer service.

As your company changes, your culture can simply manifest itself in new and exciting ways.


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