Adapting to COVID-Related Changes: FRSTeam’s Flexibility in Action



May 2021

Adapting to
COVID-Related Changes: FRSTeam’s Flexibility in Action

Across the nation, the pandemic forced every industry to adjust its operations. The restoration industry was no exception. We’ve seen major changes in everything from how claims are handled to how people are trained.

We’ve also seen ownership changes, an ever-changing environment in the restoration industry, and a ton of mergers and acquisitions across the board. We’re proud to say that we’ve been able to navigate the acquisition virtually, and still provide the same high level of quality for our clients.

We know that people can struggle with change, especially with change that is forced, not chosen. (We’re looking at you, COVID.) But the more you can embrace change, the more likely you’ll find a way to thrive.

In this month’s newsletter, we want to celebrate the resilience of our teams and share how some of these changes reinforced our values and improved our operations.

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Virtual Training

We loved those face to face interactions, but making our classes virtual meant we also increased how many people could participate. Since they were now recorded by default, it’s also now possible to scroll back and review new techniques. A definite win for everyone.

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Contact-Free Inspections

Prior to COVID, we had a lot of technology, but we didn’t always use them to their fullest extent. Now we’re masters of the virtual walk through, using video technology to capture and share photos. We began this process because we wanted to minimize face to face contact, but we’ll keep it around even after the pandemic is over. You just upload photos to the shared platform, and then share it with the users, adjustors, and contractors.


Stronger Communication

We’ve always prized strong communication whether with homeowners and partners or fellow franchise owners. That focus on service and empathy hasn’t changed, but the virtual format has opened up the ability to capture more information (hello virtual conferences!) and more chances for connection.

Throughout all these changes, one thing emerged stronger than ever: our commitment to helping communities. See how our Vision Statement gives us the strength to pivot, no matter what the world throws our way.


Vision Statement

“To exemplify heartfelt care and concern for our communities by providing innovative products and services that help support and restore the lives of those we serve.”


As always, please reach out with any questions or stories you’d like to share.

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