5 Steps to Building a FRSTeam Sales Culture

Step One

Commit to a  “yes” culture

Train everyone to make “yes” the go-to response.  An employee cannot say “no” unless they had owner or senior manager approval.

Step Two

Department Brainstorming Sessions

Get all employees involved as part of the solution. Key driver is asking what can YOU (or your department) do to affect sales?

Step Three

Common Goals and Shared Vision

Every employee should know the 4 goals for the year and be prepared to answer what they’re doing to meet these goals.

  • Set weekly department meetings and monthly leadership meetings to monitor progress and discuss opportunities and challenges relative to goals.  Include salespeople in both for boosted motivation, ideas, and insight into the team’s process.
  • Recognize outstanding work and require managers to give a “shout out” at every meeting.

Step Four

When goals are hit, celebrate. On commissions, incentives and bonuses.

  • Sales Commission. Determine the specific sales goal and use monthly invoiced amounts, not collections, to calculate commissions.
  • Incentive range A decrease in earned commission when basic sales expectations are not met.
  • An additional quarterly bonus We offer 2% on sales over the quarter average when 2 months surpassed the minimum goals and an additional 3% when all 3 months were over the minimum goal.
  • Bonus plan for ALL staff .
    • Managers and supervisors get a set amount based on 7 increasing sales tier levels.   Annual compensation analysis reports show base wages, OT, benefits paid (including 401k match for company stores) and bonus.
    • Hourly employees earned additional hourly pay when a bonus tier hit. Calculate base wages and adjusted wages to include bonus and benefits so they realize the full value of total compensation and the bonus plan.

Step Five

Managing the FRSTeam Sales Culture

  • Owners must participate in and champion the sales culture.
  • Give owners and GM’s accounts of their own.
  • Set daily or weekly goals, fun challenges, celebrate successes.
  • Always be on the lookout for other opportunities when visiting job sites.