We’re Growing! Meet Our New Franchise Owners


August 2022

Meet Our New Franchise Owners

The dog days of summer are here, but even though the temperatures are soaring, you won’t find us lounging by a pool. We show up when people need us, and with hurricane and fire season upon us, people need us more than ever.

From a new branch in Canada to an expansion in Nebraska, we’re grateful to be welcoming more committed business owners into the FRSTeam fold. We’re touched to see their pride in their employees and share their excitement about the future.

You’ll probably meet them at one of our next events, but in the meantime, read all about your new colleagues below. Welcome, Gordon and Gabe!

Meet Gordon from FRSTeam by Foothills Cleaners

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Gordon Lee began working in the dry cleaning industry in 1998 when he was 18. In 2003, he and his wife bought the first of several dry cleaning companies. Last month, they joined the FRSTeam family, opening a branch in Okotoks, Alberta on July 1, 2022. They now offer total textile, electronics, and contents restoration services.

Many of Gordon’s staff have been with them for over a decade, some almost two decades!

What do you love about this work?
Our company cares for people! I believe that everyone who has done business with us has felt that. In 2013 our entire town was flooded. A couple sobering years of hard work and serving others ensued. The town was joined by wonderful volunteers and professionals who worked shoulder to shoulder with us. Though difficult, I will always be grateful for the opportunities I was given to lift others in their time of need.

Why did you choose FRSTeam vs. another business?
When we first connected with FRSTeam, we were impressed by the people. We quickly learned that FRSTeam cares about individuals. We love the family values and the culture of caring.

What do you want people in your region to think of when they think of FRSTeam by Foothills Cleaners?
When people think of our business, we hope they think of the pride they see in the eyes of our staff. We do our best to meet their needs and to make them happy, every time.

Meet Gabe from FRSTeam by Maxim

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Gabe Mackey has been in the cleaning and restoration industry his entire life, starting as a teen doing fire jobs, water damages, stripping and waxing floors, as well as the everyday carpet cleaning in his father’s Servicemaster franchise. In 2012, Gabe started his first company, Full Throttle Cleaning & Restoration. In 2017, he purchased Maxim Cleaning & Restoration, in LaVista Nebraska. By 2019, he merged the 2 companies.

Last June he opened a FRSTeam branch in Omaha and considers his staff of 5 to be his trusted Work Family.

What do you love about this work?
I love the diversity of this industry. Every job is different, and you never know what you might run into.

Why did you choose FRSTeam vs. another business?
FRSTeam kind of chose me. Over the 4.5 years of running Maxim, I created great relationships with many other business owners, including Audra Gude, who operated FRSTeam by Fashion Cleaners. We cleaned the majority of their area rugs and cushions. When she told me she wanted to sell, I wanted to make sure the great staff at FRSTeam was in good hands. I promised to create a family style atmosphere in the workplace. My door is always open if one of my people needs to talk about anything; I’m here for them.

What do you want people in your region to think of when they think of FRSTeam by Maxim?
When people hear Frsteam by Maxim, I want them to know that their belongings will be well taken care of. I want them to know that the best team in the area is working for them. I also want adjusters to feel at ease whenever Frsteam by Maxim is on the project.

Clean Show 2022: North America’s Largest Exposition

The Clean Show 2022 in Atlanta, GA was a massive event, hosting over 350 booths of experts in laundering, drycleaning, textile care services, supplies, and equipment.

North America’s largest exposition offered us a great opportunity to share best practices and meet exhibitors and visitors from all around the world. Most came from throughout the U.S. but we also met experts and visitors from Peru, Ecuador, Japan, Germany, Mexico, and Italy.

Thank you to all the FRSTeam franchisees and corporate leaders who did such a great job representing our brand and reputation. You make us proud!

Sending a special shout out to:

  • Roi Dela Cruz, Talon Cutsinger, and Francisco Villegas from the corporate team
  • FRSTeam by Milto Cleaners from Indiana
  • FRSTeam by Lansing Cleaners from Illinois
  • FRSTeam of Central and Southern Louisiana
  • FRSTeam by Dryy Nova from Virginia
  • FRSTeam by Apple Cleaners from Missouri
  • FRSTeam of Utah
  • FRSTeam by Rogers from Florida
  • FRSTeam of Greater New York

FRSTeam Retreat Highlights

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