We’re Expanding And Hiring More Great People!



September 2021

We’re expanding and hiring more great people!

People who care and are good at what they do are the heart of our business. Even as we grow, we want to keep this core culture of caring intact.

Recently we asked people: what’s it like to work at FRSTeam? What motivates you to show up every day? Besides a steady paycheck and stellar donuts in the staff room, what do you get out of working with us?

We were moved by the answers, especially since such a strong theme emerged across all roles, locations and time with the company. See for yourself what our people have to say.


2 months into it. These folk may have just arrived, but they already get it.

c0ef0fcd-4a39-9e3b-865a-afd8b86e6156.png Melissa Huck, Executive Assistant
Location: St. Petersburg, FL
Time with FRSTeam: 2 months

“Every day I wake up knowing that this day will be different than the last and that I’ll make an impact. What I do for our team matters.

FRSTeam has been such a great opportunity for me. You get the best of the corporate world with the FRSTeam support and infrastructure and the absolute best of working for a family business, knowing that you are valued and treated well. I could not feel more blessed.”

c0ef0fcd-4a39-9e3b-865a-afd8b86e6156.png Sonya Vela, Account Rep
Location: Wildomar, CA
Time with FRSTeam: 2 months

“What’s a day in my life like? Well, every morning we meet up as a team and discuss the day and make sure we’re all on the same page. Then we jump into the day’s tasks. I’m calling customers and checking in on them, scheduling pick up’s, deliveries, inspections and estimates of affected homes, always ensuring we make it out to them in a timely manner. I’m constantly updating insurance providers on the status of their claims on our end via email or phone call all while maintaining the flow of calls that come into the office as well.

The atmosphere here is incomparable to anywhere I’ve ever worked.

They trained me in other areas of the office so I got a better understanding of what FRSTeam is all about. I’ll never forget going into the field one day and actually delivering back someone’s household items. I got to see their happiness as they were reunited with their personal items.”


Strong and steady, and still so enthusiastic. Meet the folks who have been with us 3-5 years.

c0ef0fcd-4a39-9e3b-865a-afd8b86e6156.png Gennavie Brixey, Production Manager
Location: Spokane, WA
Time with FRSTeam: 3 years

“What does my day look like? I’m running around helping any department that needs it. There’s also a lot of laughing and creating a positive environment for my fellow team members.

My proudest FRSTeam moment: Being trusted with sentimental items that customers believe are beyond restoration. You should see the look on their faces when we surprise them!”

3bf2a2b5-a43f-dadb-e723-c707863303b8.png Kelvin Rondon, Job Coordinator
Location: New York
Time with FRSTeam: 5 years

“What motivates me every day? Knowing that I’m helping people in a time of crisis. It’s actually hard to pick my proudest FRSTeam moment because there are so many. Instead of one specific moment, it’s usually when our clients see their items. They’re in disbelief of how great they look/smell compared to when we picked them up.”


Finally, meet Rick. He’s been with us since 2002. We’re honored to inspire such loyalty.

3bf2a2b5-a43f-dadb-e723-c707863303b8.png Rick Penning, Warehouse Supervisor
Location: Fife, WA
Time with FRSTeam: 19 years!

“What do I do? I run the Warehouse. I make sure outgoing jobs are tracked and ready to load, that jobs going into production have all the elements they need and that jobs being completed have all the pieces accounted for. Safety, security and vehicle maintenance are also key parts of my role.

I’m proud that our warehouse can stand as an example to others. Our team works hard every day to ensure that we know where everything is for every job. I enjoy the process of restoring people’s lives when they find themselves in need.”


Does this sound like someone you know? Send them our way; we’d love to meet. We have multiple openings at multiple locations.

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