Prepare Yourself And Protect Your Family


June 2022


Prepare Yourself and Protect Your Family

Wildfires affect everyone. Prepare yourself and protect your family.

As parts of the U.S. get warmer and drier, wildfires grow bigger and get more destructive. Although it’s the big fires that make the news, smaller house fires are no less devastating to the people involved.

Watch as Holly shares her personal experience with a wildfire impacting her childhood home.


Holly with FRSTeam, Jan 2022 Video

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Tips for Wildfire Safety

As we enter Wildfire season, please do what it takes to make your home and loved ones safe:

  • Use caution when you grill. Dispose of charcoal briquettes properly and never leave any outdoor fire unattended.
  • Be responsible with machinery. Lawn mowers, chain saws, tractors and trimmers can all spark a wildfire.
  • Manage vegetation near your home: don’t let tree branches hang over your roof and maintain a defensible space near your home.
  • Don’t store combustible or flammable materials near the house.
  • Make an emergency plan so everyone knows what to do and where to meet.
  • Create an emergency kit that you can quickly take with you if needed. Include medicines, non-perishable food, water, first aid kit and extra cash.
  • Finally, consider which important documents and sentimental items you’d take with you (if you had the time) during an evacuation order.

FRSTeam in the News

We recently attended Access’s Alactricity National Conference in Orlando and were honored to hold one of the workshops on leadership.

As historic challenges continue, communities need us to be strong, resilient, and compassionate. Holly asked the business leaders to consider the following: 

“If you don’t care about helping others, you’re in the wrong industry.”

During our one hour session, a panel of leaders in the restoration and insurance industries openly discussed challenging issues and shared meaningful stories of success. As usual, attendees learned from their peers, walking away with new ideas and inspirations.

As always, please reach out with any questions or stories you’d like to share.

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