Greetings from 2021


January 2021

Greetings from 2021

As we stride into 2021, we want to thank you for your positive mindset and commitment to service. From FRSTeam’s essential workers out in the field, helping families through their worst days to the office workers making a difference, remotely, and all of our partners and dear clients – thank you.

We appreciate all of you and look forward to seeing you in person at some point this year.

After the message from Holly, you’ll find Part 2 of our takeaways from the 2020 Regionals: FRSTeam’s Culture and why it matters.

Holly with FRSTeam, Jan 2021 Video

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A Takeaway from 2020 Regionals: FRSTeam’s Tribe Culture

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” You can drum up a great strategy, but if you don’t have the culture to back it up, you won’t get very far. Whether you’ve consciously made a culture, or just inherited one, your office culture has a huge impact.

We all love FRSTeam’s family culture – people genuinely care about each other. And, as you may remember, a few years ago we made a concerted effort to be a culture of “YES.” That had an incredible impact on sales and morale.

Today, we’re keeping the caring and the “can-do” attitude, but we’ve added something new. In the last few years we understand – and influence – our culture by treating FRSTeam as a Tribe.

Some Key Takeaways on Cultivating FRSTeam’s Tribe Culture:

  • For this tribal culture to really work, you have to strengthen the relationship between sales and ops. For example:
    • Ops teams need to know some of the clients that the sales teams are trying to land
    • Sales teams need to know the opportunities that the ops team are facing out in the field
  • Ring a bell every time a job comes in and announce your win to the production team – it’s time for the entire team to celebrate!
  • Everyone has a role to play, and every role is critical to keeping your tribe strong.

As leaders, everything you do influences culture.

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